Physiques currently advise a host of pro athletes.  Making sure that they make weight and perform to the best of their ability, is something physiques are expert at.  Our services to these athletes include: Travelling the world with UFC fighter John Hathaway, shopping cooking and making sure he has nothing to stress about before his fight and of course ensuring he hits weight! Making sure Cam Woodward is as light as possible but strong enough to win races at world level speedway Cutting weight safely off Judo star Owen Livesey , then refuelling him in just a short amount of time before he takes to the mat! Advising UFC TUF 13 star Mike Wootten on how to keep his weight stable and stay hydrated as well as making weight numerous times in a short amount of time for his 6 week stint in The Ultimate Fighter house. These are just some of the services that we offer to our athletes. If you are interested in using our services to athletes then please check out what packages we offer.