Nutrition is often overlooked.  You can train as hard as you like, however if your nutrition is not right for your specific training goals you won’t make the progress you would expect too.  This is a problem we have encountered with your general ‘gym goer’ through to professional level athletes.

Through our personal experiences and extended knowledge we are able to offer nutrition advice for everyone! We work with some of the country’s top athletes in their sport.  We can also help you drop a few dress sizes or get ready for a special event such as a wedding or birthday. Whatever your goal Physiques training and nutrition can find a special package that suits your training and lifestyle needs.


Just take a look at the packages we offer and remember all diet and training plans are individually planned and are unique to YOU!

Any goal is achievable provided you follow the dietary and training advice/programme that is supplied to you on your bespoke regime. This has been proven on many occasions by the high profile atheletes that we continue to work with. Those who have been dedicated to follow the programmes set for them  have achieved their goals and reached an optimum level of fulfilment and satisfaction of all hard work involved. Those who listen, believe and reep results are those who have helped others to maintain the reputation of what Physiques Training is all about.