Diet Plans / Athlete Package

Purchasing one of our diet plans is easy. Simply choose the plan you want, pay via PayPal or credit / debit card and we will then send you a questionnaire enabling us to put together a custom plan for your requirements. Every person is unique – if there was a single program or diet that worked miracles then we would all be using it. In reality a bespoke diet and / or conditioning and training plan for an individual is what is needed to achieve maximum effect. Physiques have years of experience in working out individual requirements and realising athletes goals.

Our plans start with a basic diet plan and then move up to something spread over 6 – 12 weeks. Our Athlete Package is for those competing in bodybuilding, fitness or MMA / Boxing events. This is a very specific program that requires a substantial investment in time from our coaches. We have for example provided assistance to top flight MMA fighters – helping them diet during their training season, being an effective and natural weight cut for their fights and also work out post fight nutrition plans and so on.

Once you’ve purchased a plan you will receive a link to an online series of questions which will help provide some information to our team. We’ll then get in touch and start providing you with what you need to get started.



Basic Diet

  • Personalised healthy eating plan tailored to your dietary and training needs.
  • Just fill out the questionnaire and we will email your plan within 48 hours of receiving your payment and dietary questionnaire.

12 Week Eating Plan

  • 12 week Healthy Eating plan.
  • Tailored to your own dietary and training needs
  • Email, Phone and social media support.
  • Weekly one 2 one consultation
  • Supplement advice
  • Ultrasound body composition test at the start and finish
  • Before and After Photos

Athlete Package

  • The complete Physiques competing package including unique customised dietary and training programs. This package is designed exclusively for each athlete on an individual basis. It includes email, phone and online support, weekly one to one consultations, supplement advice, ultrasound body composition tests, posing and choreography (where applicable) and much more.
  • Final weight cut
  • Rehydrating and refuelling