Liv Francis

Liv Francis

Darren Deane was in charge of my nutrition plan for my comp prep – UKBFF masters bikini from July – Oct 2014. Dede understands how to taper, or add, food according to my bodies weekly “reaction” to the food in each phase of the diet. Just by recording weekly weight and looking at the results of eating and training he could adjust the plan within a few minutes to make further changes to¬† the following week.

Throughout the months he was extremely professional and worked hard to make sure that each and every competitor received a diet plan that was specific to their needs. I can’t praise Dede enough for all this help and advise during the run up to the Finals. If an athlete follows Dedes plan “exactly” ( that means WITHOUT ANY CHEATING) then they will get the reward they deserve on show day.


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November 23, 2014